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The mind is a powerful computer capable of intense things. Join me for an evening of inspiration to create your own new powerful story. You'll be lifted higher than you dreamed possible. Your thoughts form your reality; become what you've always wanted. I specialize in helping creative people reach their highest potential. Anything you want is possible.



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Located in LA's Fairfax district,
we'll take a walk to uncover your GLORIOUS hidden potential 

Let's get started

My name is Zelda Devon. My journey began as a struggling illustrator in NY, barely able to make ends meet, and blossomed into a successful commercial art career here in LA. It took a lot of hard work, but I eased my journey with a few vital success principles. These ideas can be learned. I'd love to show you how.  

Do you need to hit that restart button hard? Feeling stuck? Grab your walking shoes, and we'll stroll among LA's gorgeous streets to get your blood pumpin' and your body movin'. We'll set up a roadmap to manifest like crazy. Ready to join me? 

If you're far away and not in LA, cozy up in a favorite chair and chat with me. Let's eradicate your limiting beliefs with abandon. We'll name them and zap them away to raise you to that next glorious level. Let's rock it, baby! Conquer reality beyond your wildest dreams. Don't live in LA? Not to worry. Call me, Darlin'.


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415 N Orange Grove Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036