I have numerous water-filled jars of philodendrons here in my southern California sun-filled kitchen. In Brooklyn, I’ve tried to grow this "easy" plant with little success. They were alive, but whispered for me to cut their life short. I do almost nothing to help them along here in LA. They’re in a jar with water. They get glorious amounts of sun. They take exactly what they need and leave the rest. Their thirsty roots grow fast and strong; I can see them blossoming inside the glass. Their leaves are vivacious and springy and perpetually unfurl. I refill the water once a month, when it’s low in the jar or when I feel like it. Done. 

They are rabid leaf makers, growing and flourishing and succeeding beyond belief. I need to hand out their babies so my kitchen doesn’t get overgrown. I’ll wake up one morning and they’ll be petting my cheek, all the way to the bedroom. I’ll sell my screenplay to David Cronenberg.

For success, you only need a few strong ingredients in the right ratio to gain desirable results.

Bike Tire

The last 12 months have been massively transformational for me. I've never been happier. My Maslow's pyramid has been thoroughly fulfilled, and now I have brain energy to pursue the things I love. Most of my limiting beliefs have been eradicated more than I thought possible. Our reality conforms to the grooves we carve out. You either live in a Hostile Universe or a Friendly Universe. Almost anything has the ability to be transformed into our ideal version. You have to know exactly what you want, as specifically as possible. The clearer you are, the clearer it is to see the opportunities in front of you. And grab 'em. Gobble them up because they're yours. The path cobbles itself together when you make a solid decision. If you have difficulty eradicating your negative grooves or detrimental mindset, create new passwords with your ideal new reality. I promise you, your world will transform around you.

I had a bike tire that I couldn't pump with air, no matter how much I tried the pump just didn't work. I tried every which way, confident that if I just pushed hard enough... it would work. I went to a bike shop, and they sold me a $3 adapter. I can now plump up my tires with ease. If something isn't working, let it go, try a new way. Begging and beating it into submission isn't the way. There's a philosophical idea, "What you Resist, persists. What you face melts away."

Nov 3rd

November 3rd is a massive momentous anniversary for me. 2 years ago, I decided to pack almost everything I loved into 2 suitcases (the thing I loved the most I had to leave behind) and boarded a one-way plane headed to Los Angeles. To a land I've only read about and never really experienced. In these last 24 months, I've conquered a great number of very scary things. I bought some daisy dukes <gasp>. All of which were super-duper outside my comfort zone. The unconquerable things I believed were scary were just cardboard cut-out monsters, with no actual beating heart. I tapped them lightly with my palm and they fell over. I stepped out of the warm bath of banal familiarity and I flew right into my highest potential imaginable. My income quintupled, I learned to drive, and I carved out a gorgeous life, filled with beauty and joy and love.

This world is meant to be eaten voraciously. Squozen till its very last drop is in your mouth. (And the mouths of your friends.) You are meant for only joy. Run towards what you love, unbridled, to the highest extent the law will allow. Ruthlessly delete the naysayers. The HOW doesn't matter. That answer will come. The Universe will rearrange itself for you to make your vision a reality. But you must first craft your vision as clearly as possible.